FREE synchronic online ALLMethod® workshop: Verb tenses made easy and fun


María Marta Suárez has developed a system of movements to facilitate her students the understanding and use of the whole verb tense system of English in a short time. She has been inspired by the belief that the understanding of wholes rather than the parts helps to accelerate learning. María Marta and her team have tested this multisensory approach with success with pre-adolescents, adolescents and adults. In this synchronic on-line session that will be contacted via zoom, you will explore this approach that can help you remove the cannot-learn-verb tense syndrome many students have.

Date: March 11th 8 pm (ART Argentina Time UTC -3)
Where: Your desktop via ZOOM
Duration: 90 minutes

María Marta Suárez (Licentiate – UTN) has worked as an ELT teacher at varied levels and backgrounds: in large classes at state-run schools from kindergarten to university level, in-company and at her own language school in Alto Palermo area in Buenos Aires. In this school, she developed ALLMethod® with the support of the thousands of students and a passionate team of professionals. This holistic methodology has been applied to teach all age-groups, even babies, in 8 countries in Latin America and Europe so far. She has also been an immersion ELT teacher for multilingual and multicultural groups at Cluny Hill College in Scotland and a lecturer in Methodology-related subjects at different teacher training colleges in the city of Buenos Aires (ISP J.V. Gonzalez; ISP Comenius; ISP Sagrado Corazón). At present, she delivers teacher development on-site and on-line courses for teachers in different countries and is a presenter at conferences in different countries. In addition to her ELT background, she has been studying Non-Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg himself and a few of his disciples since 1996. Her passion for ecology has driven her to live in a permacultural ecovillage in the Province of Buenos Aires where she resides in her bioclimatic earthen house.


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