2023 Onsite Annual Gathering

    We are ALL in this together!

Join this whole day of insightful teacher development workshops
and start 2023 with new awareness of your professional holistic practices.

This event is exclusively organized for teachers
and institutions who have been authorized to apply ALL Method® professionally. If you join our 2023 free online Teacher
Development courses  https://forms.gle/kNAvp4rdPszX3cSU6 
, you are most welcome to enrol 

MORNING SESSIONS:  9 to 12.30 am
Venue: At Fundacion Fortabat in Alto Palermo Area, Buenos Aires.


9 to 11 am
Is it REALLY holistic?    

In this session, María Marta Suárez will present common classroom practices that she has observed in classrooms of different backgrounds. She will discuss how these can evolve into more holistic teaching and learning models and will encourage role-play of improved versions.  Feedback giving techniques will be offered to encourage cooperative professional growth.

FACILITATION by Daniela Borlenghi, Eugenia Dell’Osa, Marian Derfler and Mariela Salto.

 11 to 11.30  am
COFFEE BREAK: (included in the fees)

 11.30 to 12.45  am
School events & purposeful ideas

This session is aimed at teachers seeking the idea of a fresh start… those looking for a new opportunity to start over and reinvent themselves. In this workshop, we will plan projects based on school events to organize the year ahead full of purposeful ideas to enhance language learning in a natural context.

PRESENTATION by Eugenia Dell’Osa

2 to 3.30 pm
Storytelling at your best

In this session, participants will be exposed to the mastery of the art of storytelling as a holistic teaching strategy.  They will also explore a coaching guide for peer cooperation to make the best of stories at their schools. This guide aims not only to help teachers become more engaging tellers of stories but also to give them tools to support more inexperienced peers when using stories for language presentation, practice, and production.

PRESENTATION by Marian Derfler


3.30 to 4.15 pm 
(included in the fees)

4.15 to 4.45 pm
Your body in safe-motion mode

In this short session, we will experience a few connected group activities that aim to help teachers build the confidence needed to face the classroom once again. Mirabai will bring circle games and contra-dance, which together with other movement exercises you can adapt to build fun and connection in the classroom or at school events.   

PRESENTATION by Mirabai Commer

4.45 to 6 pm
Loving & safe feedback giving

In this session the spotlight will be placed on how teachers can contribute to one another through one of the most valuable professional development tools: feedback. When teachers want to share their opinion about a peer’s teaching practice, they may be afraid their words can be perceived as sheer criticism. Inspired by Non-violent communication we will explore how this interaction can be carried out with the authenticity and the tenderness required to build trustworthy and supportive interpersonal relations at school.

PRESENTATION by Mirabai Commer with the support of María Marta Suárez

6 to 6.30
Closing games and raffle

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